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Pilantha concept
Beautifully embellishment is the meaning of "Pilantha" in Bali-Sanskrit. Pilantha was inspired by the beauty of Thai culture,architecture and living style. The blend of traditional arts with the modern life style is the uniqueness of Pilantha, yet, the mixture of Thai local materials punctiliously selected and made from the designer's intellect ( such as Swarovski Ctystal, silverware, wood, ceramics, wickerwork, etc.) made the design even more distinguished.
Our Jewelry
Pilantha jewelry is punctiliously designed and made. We consider the beauty of every particular detail and carefully choose good materials.Varieties of materials such as silvers, brass, leathers, beads, stone and plastics are blended together to form a piece of our well-designed product.
Our product are made by skilled craftsmen to ensure the meticulousness ofevery single piece. To view our catalog, please browse to